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When picking a dog training program most owners come at it from the wrong angle. Everyone tends to focus on all the things his or her dog does wrong. We normally hear, “he jumps on people”, “pees in the house”, “won’t stop barking”...the list goes on and on.

Instead of focusing on all the problems your dog has, think for a second about what it looks like to have fully trained dog. Try and picture your dog acting exactly as you expect...Is he holding a down stay while you have a party? Are you playing ball at the park with your dog off-leash? Are you simply on a walk with your dog under control?

Now that you have that picture, let us talk about what it takes to get there. The process is simple. First, is the learning phase of training; it teaches your dog the commands in a positive, clear and efficient way. This is done in one-on-one private sessions. Second is the proofing phase of training; it helps your dog understand the commands in any situation, which is taught during group classes. The proofing phase of training is the most important piece that you take away from your dog training experience, yet it is the most missed part of dog training programs. Our group class, used in combination with private sessions, ensures your dog can perform obedience commands in the real world, when you really need it.

We teach 14 commands in our 24 hour off-leash program, and our board & train program. The commands give you head to toe control whenever you need it, no matter the distractions, no matter the environment, no matter the situation.

Think back about the dog you pictured before...if the dog was responding to you the first time every time, and you want to be a part of the training, you need our 24 hour program. If you want that perfect picture, but don’t have time to do the required work yourself, pick board and train program.

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24 Hour Off-Leash Obedience Program: 12 Private Lessons and 12 Group Obedience Lessons 14 Commands. Problem Solving. Behavior Modification.

Board & Train Program: 1 Go Home Lesson, 3 Follow Up Private Lessons, Training DVD, UNLIMITED GROUP OBEDIENCE LESSONS. 14 Commands. Problem Solving. Behavior Modification.

*The Pet Athletic Club does not provide refunds.

Private lessons available Monday- Friday from 1:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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